Anonymous asked:

Son of Batman isn't DCAU.

Hi Anonymous,

It is an animation and by DC so maybe you can forgive my wild and inaccurate tagging? 

Do any of the DC animated features from the last few years qualify for “DCAU” status of is that reserved strictly for what I would refer to as the Timm-verse?

Son of Batman (animated) SPOILERS

Random thoughts whilst viewing…
Nice to see Damian take Slade’s eye.
Damien sounds too much like a “regular” kid… Not a breed and trained killing machine…
Talia seems too “plain” too.
“It looks rather effeminate, don’t you think?” made me chuckle.
The banter with ‘Pennyworth’ is spot on.
I was just thinking about how I’d rather this was the more developed Damien from the Batman & Robin arc when BAMM! Dick shows up! They really were the best duo, even if Dick is standing in for Tim here rather than being the 21st century dynamic duo Morrison gave us.
Costume looks good, needs more Frank Quitely/Charley Brown size head though.
This thing best have some Ninja-Man-Bats in it…
…and there it is!
“leave the sperm donor out of it”
50 mile swim… FUCK YEAH!
Final showdown with Slade is hardcore.
… a spit to the remaining eye, nice!
I don’t think he said >tt


The releases for this year seem to be leaning more towards (lazy) reissues rather that cheeky little recordings and unexpected covers. The only thing that got me slightly aroused was the LCD Soundsystem release but at nearly 90 quid I will give it a pass I think.

The event at Castle Rd. looks worth checking out even if the narrow road only gets about 47 minutes of direct sunlight a day at the best of times.

I’m going to play softball in the sunshine tomorrow rather than seeing the dawn in with the try-hards and the eBay-flippers…

Buying Vinyl is for life, not just for record store day ;-) (apparently it’s on sale the other 364 days a year too)